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Welcome To Breathworks Australia


We teach people how to live well with pain and illness and to reduce stress in their lives. We offer courses in a wide range of mindfulness skills to ease the suffering associated with pain, long term illness or stress. Our mindfulness-based courses are recognised internationally in the fields of pain and stress management.


Who Can Benefit From A Breathworks Course?


People who are living with pain, illness or stress, or are committed to helping people with pain, illness or stress.


What Breathworks Australia Offers


At the core of our services are our eight-week Mindfulness for Health and Stress courses, which help you develop effective self-management skills for living with pain, chronic illness or stress.


Upcoming Courses


We are currently working on dates and locations for our courses in 2020.  Sign up for the newsletter to receive information on our courses as soon as it is available.

Please see the Courses page for more information.




For bookings call 
Jenny on 0403 916 778 
Jim on 0425 326 964 
or email


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