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'In 2011 I completed the 8 week Breathworks living well with pain and illness course, run by Jenny Cornish and Jim Pescud. Having come out of an 11 year relationship, been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes and working in a volatile environment meant my stress levels were out of control.
The Breathworks course was by far the most useful meditation course I'd participated in; giving me a practical approach to dealing with my stress levels and providing me with super easy but very effective tools that I still use today. Jenny and Jim, apart from being experts in the field of meditation, created a space that was calming, inviting, safe and nurturing. They are both beautifully passionate individuals who gently guided me through the Breathworks program; changing my way of thinking about my stress and ultimately changing my life. I highly recommend the course and express my heartfelt gratitude to both Jenny and Jim for their amazing guidance and support and wish them both very well.'


Tanya Gallagher



'The Breathworks course run by Jim and Jenny gave me an extremely useful set of tools to work with. Every aspect of the course was clearly presented with plenty of time to experience and reflect on each practice. An atmosphere of trust was established within the group so that we all could all learn and share our experiences from week to week. I highly recommend this course.'





“I did an 8 week Breathworks course with Jim and Jenny in 2012 to help me with chronic fatigue and to further develop my body awareness. The course changed my life in a lot of ways - the small and intimate group setting was really special and made me look forward to Sunday mornings. The course content is really in-depth and inspiring and deeply healing and still impacts me to this day. Jim and Jenny are both skilled facilitators with years of meditation experience and bring a dynamic and caring approach to facilitating Breathworks. I have recommended this course to my friends and family because it has helped me so much and given me tools to work with fatigue and stress and to know how to work towards deep and healing relaxation."


Anne-Marie, 31, Community Services Consultant



'I cannot speak highly enough about the Breathworks course I undertook run by Jenny Cornish and Jim Pescud.
In 2009 I had a life changing event; severe electrocution. My injuries were many and the pain constant and debilitating. Going down the path of treatment via medication and counselling got me into a “holding pattern” of sorts that left my life far from liveable. I could not have gone on this way.
I have incorporated Breathworks into my life and the changes are transforming. I began to take control of my situation instead of fighting it every step of the way. I felt empowered and the quality of my life increased dramatically. My relationships with those around me also improved - I felt more human.
I honestly believe that the Breathworks courses run by Jenny and Jim have the ability to help people from all walks of life, with all sorts of debilitating conditions.'


John Bell



'I attended a Breathworks course with Jim and Jenny in 2011 because I was keen to find ways to keep calm in stressful situations and thus suffer less from stress-induced gut problems.
I found the course friendly and extremely useful. Gaining an understanding of primary and secondary suffering has been such a help, and bringing kindly non-judgemental awareness to the breadth of my experience (very much work in progress) can transform my day. Although I had already been meditating for a number of years, I found Jim and Jenny's meditation teaching warm and refreshing, and they were full of creative ideas for bringing practice into everyday life. 
Doing the course was truly heart opening, given the interactive nature of the training. The group had a lot of fun working together with the Breathworks material.'


Gill Hewitt




For bookings call 
Jenny on 0403 916 778 
Jim on 0425 326 964 
or email




For bookings call 
Jenny on 0403 916 778 
Jim on 0425 326 964 
or email


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